Workstation Design

1,350,000 1,200,000

Looking for a well ergonomic-designed workstation?

Lean Helper, together with your voice of requirements, will make up customized ergonomic working tables on which the workers find their best conform and productivity.

Let order, your requirements-our solutions!

Happy to serve you!

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Workstation Design

Our workstations are ergonomic designs customized with specific operational motions. They are made to enhance your workstations’ flexibility and efficiency in production layout, which in turn increases workers’ comfort during long working time. The tables are easy to install and remove through connectors between combonents and yet manufactured in compliance with industrial norms with the use of graded mild steel, aluminum sections and other accessories. The workstation table can be a standalone table or connected to each others so that they form an end-to-end assembly line by which the raw materials can be assembled into one or final products.


Those workstations are typically used in manufacturing or assembly operations in which the operators need to assemble or pack products. Besides, they are also assembled to make a customized shape of workstation that fits to your specific operations.

Product details

Unit [1] table
Color White, Green or customized colors
Price Just order, Lean Helper calls later
Dimension customized size
  • High durability
  • Dimensionally accuracy
  • Corrosion resistent
Manufactured Viet Nam
After-Service Ergonomic consulting from design to manufactured


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