7 Waste Analysis – Muda, Mura, Muri


Theories about Mura analysis in particular, and waste analysis in general, can be found any where, but Lean Helper will provide you with a practical 7-waste solving tool built on Macro Excel. With this file, you will love video analysis of a process due to its automatic built-in recording function that will make your jobs in exposing the waste operations more easier and efficient ever. Buy now!

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Excel for mura analysis

Waste Analysis – Mura – Unevenness

What do you mean by Lean?

Simple speaking, Lean is non-value added stuff in what you are doing. Unfortunately, we normally do not realize these non-value added things in what we work, which is why Lean comes in to provide mindset, methods and tools for exposing the waste.

With Lean mindset, Waste is differentiated in three groups of waste:

  1. 1. Muda: is any activity or process that does not add value, or customers are not willing to pay for those activities. Those activities are named in a very popular term of the Seven Wastes
  2. 2. Muri: is to cause overburden by giving unnecessary stress to operators and processes
  3. 3. Mura: is the waste of unevenness or inconsistency

Especially, Mura is the source of waste due to the fact that inconsistent balance of workload causes overburden for some processes, which leads to more stress on some processes, but less workload on the others. That is where the Seventh waste is derived.

From now, you definitely know which waste should be tackled. Theories about Mura analysis can be found any where, but Lean Helper will provide you with a practical Mura solving tool built on Macro Excel too.


This built-in Macro Excel file will pave the way for your video analysis of a process that consist sequenced operations in which waste is hidden with following features:

  1. 1. Auto record of processing time duration
  2. 2. Integrate normal distribution of process cycle time to measure the improvement between before and after analysis
  3. 3. Built-in function to export the analysis result with professional layout

Product details

Unit [1] White USB 16GB
No of Files 3 excel files: Muda, Mura, Muri
Language English
After-Service Online Q&A with basic training for Waste analysis

For more detail, you can refer to the channel of Lean Helper here


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