Tool Portraits

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To reach the perfect “Set in Order” principle, this product brings the best tool organization with the defined shape that regulates which tool should be put in. By doing that, you would expect “each tool is in its place, and a place for its tool”

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Tool Portraits

Let’s face it, if you have tools hanging on a tool board than having tool portraits is awesome. Not only does it look great, it helps you keep your tools organized which saves you time in finishing your work – that’s Tool Portraits whose shapes are customized on what you need, and more available typical shapes.


  1. Mark your tools and location to stay organized and instantly know if something is missing or out of place
  2. Don’t waste time searching for things, get projects and work done quicker with less effort
  3. Visually pleasing and professional looking
  4. Less stress when you know where your tools are
  5. Sets a standard that anyone can follow
  6. Perfect for 5S Set-in-order and a visual workplace
  7. Custom shapes available, just call or email what you are looking for and we’ll see if we can help you out

Product details

Unit [20] pcs
Color Customized colors on what you need
Dimension Customized sizes
  • Customized shapes for your need
  • Long lasting, 4 year interior or exterior durability
  • Sunlight fade resistant
  • Clear permanent adhesive on different surfaces
  • Reflective light as optional
Manufactured Viet Nam
After-Service 2 hours for 5S consulting


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