Reflective Marking Tapes

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Looking for tapes that are visible even in the night or darkest areas. This products are for you with a wide range of color choices: Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, White, Orange. With this products, we guarantee to bring to you the perfect reflective light and durable colorful tapes

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Reflective Marking Tapes

High-quality Reflective marking tapes will highlight your notice-required zones, especially applied in dark areas, or areas where high cautions are required for all. This products are definitely essential for application in marking traffic boundary, showing directions for movement in the dark areas, and visualizing safety warnings and more.


We offer you a wide range of tape colors, including “Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, White, Orange”. Each color can be coded with different meanings by your own definitions. The rule of thumb is that:

  • Yellow: to mark aisleways for walking areas or(and) traffic zones
  • Green: mark areas in which the WIP (work in progress) is waiting to be processed in the next process, represented by “output” of a process
  • Blue: mark areas where the input materials stands in front of a process, represented by “input” of a process
  • Red: highlight areas in which defective items should be put here, or just safety warnings
  • White: mark areas where equipment or tools or working areas are located
  • Orange: mark “stay-away” areas like around electrical panels, or fire extinguisher locations
  • Product details

    Unit [1] bundle
    Color Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, White, Orange
    Dimension 5 x 100 cm
    • Scratch proofing
    • Reflective light
    • Extreme durability
    • Suitable for even rough surface
    Manufactured Viet Nam


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