Label Hanging Binders – A4

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This product is a great way to hold important information papers securely and conveniently in a wall-mount or magnetic Hanging Binder with A4 size or your customized sizes

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Label Hanging Binders – A4

Need a quick way to get the information you need at point-of-use? Then the 3-Ring Hanging Binder may be your solution.
These are perfect for information boards, procedures or work instructions, One-Point Lessons, drawings, Standardize Work, safety information or any other important information that needs to be easily located.


  1. When it comes to a visual workplace and standardization, it is important to have instructions at point-of-use. Make it easy for your team members to have the information they need at their finger tips. Using a 3-ring hanging binder is perfect for manufacturing, laboratory settings, customer service, and healthcare – anywhere information needs to be shared!

Product details

Unit [5] pcs per bundle
Color White
Dimension A4 paper size or customized
  • Wall-mount with pre-drilled holes
  • Magnetic mounts with strong hold
Manufactured Viet Nam
After-Service 2 hours for 5S consulting


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