5S Red Tags – Sticky Tags

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These 5S Red Tags – Sticky Tags will pave the way for “Sorting” 5S activities with comprehensive and long-standing adhesive tags to quickly attach on items that require attention. These Sticky Tags have convenient check boxes for “Reason” and “Action Required” with 100 sheets per lot.

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5S Red Tags – Sticky Tags

To get an easy of “Sorting” activities, these 5S red tags with durable sticky tags that possesses long standing adhesive on the attached items to make sure that every problems are exposed. The 5S tags show comprehensively information of “Reason” codes and “Action Required” check boxes covering most sorting criteria for office, warehouse, healthcare, manufacturing factories.


Supporting “Sorting” 5S acitivities in the workplace to visulize the items so that the items that are not necessary or defecsts are exposed, and then immediate actions could be made

Product details

Unit [100] sheets
Color Red with black text
Dimension custom design on choice, but typically 1/3 A4 size
Properties Long standing Adhesive on the back side of tags
Manufactured Viet Nam
After-Service 2 hours for 5S consulting for free


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